Meaning Of The word Gadget

A gadget is usually any highly creative or technical article created by an individual. Gadgets can be called gizmos or just simply gadgets. Gizmos are objects that are used in a special way to promote, exhibit or display some kind of statement. There are many gizmos in the market that offer great benefits for people who are looking for something extra to show off or something to use in their daily lives.

For people to become aware of the term gadget, they usually refer to the electronic gadgets. There are many types of electronic gadgets that are available in the market today. These are the watches, calculators, personal digital assistants, cameras, microwave ovens, DVD players and the like. The word gadget first came from the French word which means an insignificant or unimportant device. From there, the word gadget was transformed into the modern gadget that we have today.

The first used example of a modern gadget is the electric toothbrush. This has been the first used example of a gadget. People began referring to these as “electronic teeth brush” in the 19th century. This is where the term gadget came from. The electric toothbrush was invented in Paris, France by Paul Durand-Ruel in 1844.

Another example of a modern gadget is the digital camera. Cameras from this time were small and could not fit in a person’s pocket. A person had to carry a very cumbersome camera all throughout his/her day, thereby making it the first used gidget. This was later replaced by the compact camera, the digital cam and the mobile phone.

The air hockey game is also another example of one of the first uses of electronic gadgets. Prior to this, people played air hockey at restaurants or in large halls. For these players, having a gadget for the purpose of shooting the puck would have been an advantage. The ball could be easily retrieved after it was shot. It is also interesting to note that these players did not refer to this as a gadget, but rather a game.

The meaning of the word gadget changed over time, as technology evolved. One of the meanings is something made or fashioned for personal use. In this sense, electronic gadgets are considered to be a type of gadget. The original meaning of the word was “a small tool used for cutting”. So, the meaning of a GADGET today is anything that can help a person do something useful.