Technology, Culture, and Society


Technology, Culture, and Society

Technology is the study of any new methods, tools, skills, processes, or procedures utilized in the creation of new products or services, or in the achievement of specific goals, for instance scientific research. Technologists can be found in almost every field. They are involved in all aspects of science and engineering. A technologist may become involved in the design of new products or processes, testing of newly developed products or process, or even researching current topics in technology.

A person who specializes in technology can be considered an information technology specialist, and their job titles reflect this. In the information technology sector, a tech is an individual or corporation who designs, develops, implements, troubleshoot, maintains, upgrades, and operates information technologies. Some of the specific computer and technology sectors include Information Technology Service, Systems Design and Consultancy, Computer Systems, Network Technology, Web Solutions, and Communications. These jobs available in and around the information technology sector are highly varied, but some specific careers stand out as stand out specialties of the technology sector:

The first career fields to incorporate the concept of science and technology were medical and scientific disciplines. Over time, the application of these fields to other technologies was developed. One of the most common areas of research in which the study of science and technology is involved is in the area of military affairs, including weaponry. Military technologies are the application of scientific principles to armaments. A number of military applications include communication systems, computer systems, electronic warfare, and military logistics.

An interesting area of study that has grown out of the technological arena is the field known as material sciences. This includes the areas of physics, chemistry, and biology. This broad area of study considers how modern technologies are used to produce materials and how those materials are used. Two of the main areas of material sciences that are of interest to students are energy and matter.

Analysis of cultural systems is another major schatzberg study that has developed out of technological innovations. Schatzberg believes that culture must be analyzed as a body of knowledge-an example of which is his schatzberg Culture and Learning series, which examine the relationship between technology and culture. Cultural systems are studied to determine how changes in technology affect society. An important aspect of analyzing culture involves determining how changes in technology affect specific groups of people within society. Within the broader field of schatzberg study, gender, ethnicity, national identity, and political affiliation become important factors.

Technology and innovation continue to play an important role in society. As technology progresses, so do its influences, becoming interwoven into everyday life. As technology continues to change the world and create new challenges, scholars of technology will continue to employ various methods of analysis in order to understand these changes.