What Makes a Smartphone Smart?

Smartphones are the most popular gadget these days which have literally taken the world by storm. One can carry almost all information with them in one small palm. In fact, a smartphone is just a mini computer in a tiny mobile device. They are perfect for people who want to check their email, listen to music, play online games, or even take pictures. But what if you want your smartphone to do more than those things?

As the name suggests, a smartphone runs on a mobile phone operating system. There are many operating systems available today such as Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. Most of these operating systems work on the same principles of a microprocessor. The basic job of an operating system is to run applications or programs on the mobile phone using the CPU (central processing unit) and the memory.

Smartphones today also run on WAP (wireless application platform) which allow users to access existing applications from other Wi-Fi enabled devices. Almost all modern smartphones have Bluetooth and WiFi as part of the operating system. These two technologies allow users to connect their mobile phones to the internet wirelessly. The number of apps has more than 1800 apps in the store for the Android and iOS devices.

Many people want their smartphones to act like a miniature personal computer. It allows them to browse the internet, read emails, access social networking sites, and chat with their friends. Some phones come equipped with a fully functioning Windows PC like touch screen. The touch screen enables the user to surf the internet, send emails, and do some office work. However, the main reason why people use a smartphone is to use it as a communication device. In fact, it is not uncommon to hear people using the device to text others, share photos, videos, or instant messages.

The primary function of a smartphone is to allow users to send and receive text messages. Most of the smart phone operating systems are equipped with apps that allow you to send text messages from your smartphone. You can either type the text message into the phone’s virtual keyboard or say it out loud if you have a speaker phone. Some smartphones come equipped with a feature called vibrate alert which lets you know when someone sends you a message. If you don’t have a vibrate alert feature, then you can simply touch the receiver a few times to send a text message to another smartphone.

The importance of a smartphone can never be understated. Once owned, these gadgets become part of the user’s life. Users purchase new smartphones or pay for rental or lease every year. The high-end smartphones now come with amazing features that have made using the devices even easier than before.